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Lamy, New Mexico 87540
505 466-1988 (h)
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Projects: Indy Short 14.5 minutes,
Director: Melissa L. Ash
Screenwriter: Melissa L. Ash
DP: Andrew Neighbour
Editor: Andrew Neighbour

When a precocious child confronts a woman in a coffee shop, their intriguing conversation is interrupted by an older woman’s opinions of derision and criticism. An emotional climax builds as the child and younger woman grapple with feeling of longing and regret to comprehend the unearthly tie that binds them.

Ultimately, the audience is confronted by the question of abortion and difficult choices. Without taking sides, the film asks viewers to have their own honest conversations.

Running time: 14.5minutes
Unrated: mature content


1. “The Gypsy in Spanish Red”, 115 pgs. Based on the novel by the same name, is the tale of a fiery young Gypsy, her guardian Dwarf, and her magnificent spirit white stallion who battle the evil forces of both the living and the dead.

Blessed with her gift of “second sight”, empowered by an ancient ruby, together they fight off ancient curses, the Spanish Inquisition, a jealous evil wife who plots to steal the Gypsy’s son, the child sired by her aristocratic lover.

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An adventure story portrayed in high suspense through electrifying dance and music the threesome share their moments of color, laughter, and tears as her Gypsy clan fills the moonlit nights with the haunting music of “the outcasts”. ** (c)copyright, WGA West., LCCN

2. “Silo”, 110 pgs. The boy Ray and his pot-bellied pig Silo, escapees from an orphange, show up on old man Conley’s doorstep looking for family, only to become pawns in a deadly search for diamonds in an abandoned West Virginia coal mine.

Moon shine and diamonds have haunted Conley all his life and the alcholic rantings of his tortured past have come home to reveal the terrible hidden truths. **(c) copyright, WGA West. ,LCCN


“Boots of My Brother” 11pgs. A stage coach ride down the Santa Fe trail pass the Glorieta Pass to Santa Fe two Civil War enemies clash over a pair of Confederate Boots. **(c)copyright, WGA West.


Melissa lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A classically trained artist whose talents encompass multi-professional careers as illustrator, portrait artist to corporate board room officials, and a President of The United States, to being a ceramic designer for high end specialized boutiques and department stores.

Painting background stills for Colossal Pictures introduced her to the world of animation film, but it wasn’t until moving to Santa Fe she became interested in writing and producing film. It began with publishing her novel, “The Gypsy in Spanish Red”. After pitching the story to producers at the Santa Fe Screenwriter’s Conference the novel interest turned to writing screenplays.


“My skills as a film maker have become an extention of my artistic eye as a painter. Dialogue and action translate the still painting onto the moving screen. And how I love to tell stories! The story is always the key.”

An avid aficionada of the Tarot, being somewhat of a gypsy herself (having lived in Central and South American for many years and getting her MFA (painting) in Florence, Italy) “I was greatly influenced by the great Spanish painter, Diego de Silva y Velazquez. I speak Spanish and it is by no error that I find myself living in Spanish speaking New Mexico. “